Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I am very surprise to get this award which gave from Jenny of Jennylovesbenny.

Because I am just very new to English version blog.
(I have a Chinese blog for at least 5 years, but just created this one not long ago)
And I just updated some new creations onto here, and so happy to get this award.
Thanks Jenny~

This Works Of Heart award is for people who put their heart and soul into their work, their words and/or their kindness to others.

I am going to pass this award to Megelles by Lisa Dopking.
I know Lisa for many years and she is always so kind to me.
Her bears always have lovely character, and they are just so special!

I also want to pass this award back to Jenny as well.
I really LOVE her creations, and they are just cutie of cutie!
All of the bears and critters all made by beautiful mohair and fabric, nite hands and a lovely heart! ^O^

Little Pinky Pansy

I always LOVE this pink swirl mohair. I have created so many bears with it.

Here is a little cutie -- Pinky Pansy.
She is a lovely lady bear with lace necklace and BIG velvet pansy on her left side of head.
She is now available on eBay:
with started from AUS $120

Friday, 23 January 2009

Meet "Pang Pang"

Please meet my latest creation which made by custom design.

This customer emailed me and told me her dog passed away and she cried so many days.
Then she sent me so many photos of her dog and asked me to make one for her.
However, custom made someone's beloved dog is a hard job.
Because they use to live with their dog and will notice the difference if my work is not similar to their one.
I usually fell so much pressure to take this kind of order.
Luckily she love the dog and even said she cried when she saw the picture that I sent to her...

I love this job, I love to create something special for someone who needs it.
Custom design work is big challenge, but I will still keep doing it!