Sunday, 15 May 2011

"Let your teddy bear dreams come true" online show

I am going to attend another online show on this weekend (21st & 22nd of May), which is hosted by Who and Who in Bear Making website:

Attached photo is my sneak peek bears photo, I have an antique style bear this time.
I don't use to make antique style bear, but after this bear, I found making antique bear is really fun to "play with"!
As I tea dyed the mohair and scissors cut the fur to make him looks more "old"... :-P

There has slide show for all artists' bears on the website, they all look fantastic! Couldn't wait to see all of them! :-D
Please come on the website on this weekend for this fabulous online show!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Eddie Cullen

Eddie Cullen is another of my bear for Valentine's Day show.

I really like Twilight Saga, although lots people say those movies are really childish, they are for teenage (or below).

But I still like the story -- human fall in love with vampire...LOL

I created a boy bear and a girl bear, they are named Eddie Cullen (Edward Cullen) and Eliza Swan (Isabella Swan).

I sold Eliza Swan, and Eddie is still here with me, so he is here for adopt.

Eddie has a very special mohair, it's South Africa mohair, it's white colour with few silver pile here and there.

I also made Eddie as a pose that he is going to take off his vest, and let his crystal shinning skin to expose.

Here are Eddie Cullen's details:

NAME: Eddie Cullen

EDITION: OOAK SIZE: 10 Inches (25cm)

FABRIC: South Africa Mohair

PAW PADS: Ultrasuede

EYES: Yellow Buzz Eyes

NOSE: Embroidered

JOINTS: 5 way disk - locknut or cotter pin

FILLING: Wool with garnet powder ACCESSORIES: Vest and pants

DETAILS: Face shading, needle and scissor sculpting, armature arms



Be Mine -- Valentine's Day bear

I created this bear for Bear Artist Online's Valentine's Day show this year.

I always love online show, as I can sit in my own home & browse all of the bears that from all over the world.

"Be Mine" is a lovely and adorable bear, with embrodiered footpads.

On her right footpad has "Two love hearts", and left footpad has "Be Mine" as you can see on photo.

I really love her rich yellow colour hand-dyed mohair, and I have to mention that glass bead necklace -- I used variety beads to create this necklace, also the string at inside is elastic and it's stretchy.

So you even can wear it on your wrist as a braclet! :-))

Ok, here is Be Mine's fully details:

NAME: Be Mine


SIZE: 12 inches (30cm)

FABRIC: Hand Dyed Mohair

PAW PADS: Hand Dyed Ultrasuede

EYES: Hand painted Glass eyes

NOSE: Embroidered

JOINTS: 5 way disks - locknut

FILLING: Wool with Garnet powder

ACCESSORIES: Glass beads necklace, velvet flower head piece

DETAILS: Shading, needle and scissor sculpting, hand embrodiered hearts & Be Mine on foot pads

If you woule like to adopt her, please use Paypal button below:


commision bear of Valentine's Day

This is a commision bear of Valentine's Day 2011.

One of my customers who had ordered a bear from me about 7 years ago, found me at Facebook. He ordered this bear for her girlfriend just 3 weeks before Valentine's Day. It's a rush job, and he lives in USA, and I have to post this bear to him on time!

He only requests the bear has to have embrodiery of "S (heart) J 2011" on bear's chest.

Luckily I already had a bear that was pre-sew on, so I started work from that. And there he is!

An Antique style Valentine's Day bear for Jane and Steve!
This is a closer look of his face: