Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

粗體Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Just showing one of my favorite creation so far.
These couple bears are ordered by a nice customer that I have for many years.
He ordered these bears for his sister's wedding.

In Taiwanese wedding, bride will carry a candy basket and stand at the exit when the wedding dinner finish.
People can take lollies from the basket, it means to share the happiness from the new couple.
So this Love Bear Basket will be carried by the new bride and lollies will surround the bears.
I can image this lovely scene, people will surprise this special candy basket!

When I made this candy basket, I just gave birth for my baby girl not long ago.
I was still doing "One Month Rest" when I made them. (In Chinese tradition, woman who gave birth needs to rest for a month and "CAN NOT" wash hair for a month as well!)
I didn't rest that much, because I really can't just stay on the bed for 30 days and almost back to work about 2 weeks after gave birth.

I still can remember the swing is the most difficult things to make!
I have drew a lot of sketches and looking for so many different kind of materials,
and finally make this swing that I happy with.

These 2 bears and the basket really took me a lot of time, but I am really happy with the effect that I have achieved!

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