Sunday, 20 September 2009

Flower Fairy bear

I am really sorry that I haven't update my blog for LONG LONG.... time!!

I have gone back to my hometown, Tainan City, Taiwan on June.
We spent 5 weeks overthere, and I have bought my daughter Misha back home to see my parents.
My mum have seen Misha when she was born, but my dad didn't, so that was his first time to see his grand-daughter!
We really had a great time when my parents, and of course... a lot of shopping and eating! (LOL)

Then when we came back, I started REALLY busy to make bears for Who is Who in Bear making online bear show.
As well as this flower fairy bear for Spring Challenge on Teddy Bear and Critters -- Australiasia.

This flower fairy is very beautiful, she has velvet flowers decoration near her left ear, and a very special necklace to give her a nice touch!

When I took this Spring Challenge, I was thinking about a "tea bear" and a "cake bear", the "Morning tea in Spring morning" bear set.
But I wasn't have enough time to finish 2 bears, so I made this flower fairy instead.
I will still do that bear set in the future, because I love to do this idea for a very long time!

I am still very happy what I have done for this flower fairy bear,
as she is such a lovely girl! I am very prond what I achived for her! ^__^

Here is her details:
NAME: Flower Fairy
EDITION: OOAK SIZE: 9 inches (23 cm)
FABRIC: Hand dyed multi-colour mohair
PAW PADS: Ultrasuede
EYES: Black glass eyes
NOSE: Embroidered with nose shine
JOINTS: 5 way disk - locknut
FILLING: Wool stuffing with stainless steel shot
ACCESSORIES: Velvet flower head decoration, glass beads necklace
DETAILS: Light shading around nose and eyes, needle and scissor sculpted face, needle sculpted paw pads

She is available to adopt for AUS$150 on

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Jenny Lee said...

she's gorgeous Bonnie!!