Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Naughty Tommy

I just keep forgot to upload this picture, his name is "Naughty Tommy".
He is my TACDA entry 2011.

I was so proud that I can finish him, as he got lots details on his paw pads.

Each of the details are made from ultrasuede, and hand sew them one by one, as they are really tiny. The biggest one only 0.5cm circumference!

I am very happy he is living in a lovely home in Canada right now. :-D


susana said...

haven't seen your posting here for a period of time, glad you are back and Happy New Year!

Bonnie Chang said...

Thank you Susana, I should come up here more to post my latest creations... But just been very tired because of pregnancy, and get less energy to do anyting.. :-P (too much excuse)