Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Eddie Cullen

Eddie Cullen is another of my bear for Valentine's Day show.

I really like Twilight Saga, although lots people say those movies are really childish, they are for teenage (or below).

But I still like the story -- human fall in love with vampire...LOL

I created a boy bear and a girl bear, they are named Eddie Cullen (Edward Cullen) and Eliza Swan (Isabella Swan).

I sold Eliza Swan, and Eddie is still here with me, so he is here for adopt.

Eddie has a very special mohair, it's South Africa mohair, it's white colour with few silver pile here and there.

I also made Eddie as a pose that he is going to take off his vest, and let his crystal shinning skin to expose.

Here are Eddie Cullen's details:

NAME: Eddie Cullen

EDITION: OOAK SIZE: 10 Inches (25cm)

FABRIC: South Africa Mohair

PAW PADS: Ultrasuede

EYES: Yellow Buzz Eyes

NOSE: Embroidered

JOINTS: 5 way disk - locknut or cotter pin

FILLING: Wool with garnet powder ACCESSORIES: Vest and pants

DETAILS: Face shading, needle and scissor sculpting, armature arms



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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

They are both beautiful.
I don't care what anyone says I loved the books. I read them all last summer.